Bulut Bağcı, President of the World Tourism Forum Institute, Engages in Uzbekistan’s International Partnership Initiatives Event, Highlighting Uzbekistan’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Potential

[Tashkent – 04.07.2023] – Bulut Bağcı, President of the World Tourism Forum Institute, participated in the week of international partnership initiatives under the theme “New Uzbekistan: development, innovation, and enlightenment,” held from July 3-7 this year. The event showcased the rich cultural heritage of Uzbekistan as the basis for a new renaissance. During the event, Mr. Bağcı emphasized the importance of Uzbekistan’s historical significance and its potential as a thriving tourism destination.

Mr. Bağcı, “Uzbekistan, located on the most important route of the ancient Silk Road, has been known as a land of fairy tales in the minds of people around the world. Therefore, Uzbekistan, the Homeland of the Forefathers, is the center of attention for travelers from all over the world. The ancient lands of Uzbekistan have been the most significant bridge between the East and the West since ancient times. The beautiful cities of the country not only unite traders from around the world but also bring together different civilizations, values, and achievements in science and production, benefiting from all of them. Thanks to this, the lands of Uzbekistan allowed the synthesis of civilizations, traditions, and philosophies of life. As a result, today, members of different nations and religions can live together in harmony in Uzbekistan.”

Highlighting the rapid growth of tourism in Uzbekistan, Mr. Bağcı added, “Tourism in Uzbekistan is developing as one of the locomotive sectors of the country’s economy. The country is increasingly opening up to the world. The number of countries that can enter Uzbekistan without a visa or with an easy visa regime is increasing day by day. The tourism infrastructure is constantly being strengthened. These developments lead to an increase in the number of tourists visiting historical and fairy-tale cities such as Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva.”

Appreciating the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan, Mr. Bağcı noted, “The invaluable historical artifacts found in the museums of Uzbekistan prove that your country is the cradle of world civilization. People from all corners of the world come to witness these unique artifacts and line up to visit your country.”

Commending the efforts for preservation and promotion, Mr. Bağcı stated, “The preservation, study, and promotion of the rich and colorful scientific and cultural heritage, unique works of art, ancient manuscripts, and books in Uzbekistan are commendable. Moreover, it is praiseworthy that the country’s leader takes the lead in this regard. The Islamic Civilizations Center, Imam Bukhari, Imam Tirmizi, and Imam Maturidi International Research Centers operating in Uzbekistan effectively contribute to the implementation of these reforms. We can confidently say that all of these developments serve as examples not only for us but also for the whole world.”

Bulut Bağcı’s participation in Uzbekistan’s international partnership initiatives event signifies the World Tourism Forum Institute’s commitment to supporting Uzbekistan’s vision for development, innovation, and enlightenment. It highlights the institute’s dedication to fostering international cooperation and sharing best practices for sustainable and inclusive growth in the country.

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