Civismo Foundation

Civismo operates as a platform of participation, bringing together independent professionals from different fields and with very different backgrounds. Its diverse membership allows complementary sensitivities to coexist and mutually enrich each other so that civil society is more faithfully represented.

We evaluate, through research, the effects of economic and social policies, communicate them to public opinion and propose alternatives. In this way, we help citizens make up their own minds, make decisions based on as much information as possible, and therefore, with greater freedom. We also spur a dynamic civil society so that it can establish a dialogue with state powers one-to-one. Civil society, we believe, should be involved and heard when it comes to designing public policy, so that they can be tailor-made for the citizen. In just this way, citizens get to exercise individual liberty and contribute to overall prosperity.

The cornerstone of our values ​​is freedom, the exercise of which must be defended and encouraged, without blinding ourselves to the fact that responsibility is its inherent condition. Freedom of this sort must be preserved in all its forms, particularly freedom of expression, freedom of education and economic freedom, all fundamental elements for the prosperity of the society.

For freedom to flourish, rule of law is essential. However, the state’s size ought to be limited and its performance based on subsidiarity and spending efficiency. As for the taxpayer, he has the right to demand that taxes be fair and moderate, and that they do not discourage entrepreneurship. Along these lines, we advocate for clear and nimble legislation that does not hinder private initiative while securing legal guarantees.