4th April 2021,

All French people are about to return to travel restrictions to curb Covid-19. Some are taking advantage of the tolerance granted until the end of the Easter weekend to organize themselves, when schools will be closed.

As of April 3, 2021, the rules already imposed on 19 departments in enhanced vigilance will be extended to the entire country for 4 weeks: businesses deemed non-essential will be closed, travel will be limited to 10 km, and for the first time since the spring 2020 containment, nurseries and schools will close for 3 to 4 weeks.

In Ile-de-France, 6,600 police and gendarmes are mobilized to “ensure compliance with health measures”, announced the Prefect in a statement.

But to provide a breath of fresh air before this new effort requested of the French, the authorities tolerate inter-regional travel until Monday evening, April 5, 2021, to allow those who can take the children to their grandparents.

From Tuesday, millions of parents will have to reconcile telework and home schooling, before the school holidays, from April 12 to 25.

Announced Wednesday by Emmanuel Macron, the closure of nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools for 3 to 4 weeks aims to roll back the Covid-19 epidemic, which is in its third wave.

Since the start of the epidemic, more than 96,000 deaths have been recorded in France.