What’s an Annual Meeting?
The World Tourism Forum Institute has its headquarters in London. The meetings of the World Tourism Forum Institute are recognized as the Global Tourism Forum.
A year, Global Tourism Forum organizes three national gatherings and an international conference. Annual international tourism meetings are held.
The international gatherings of the Global Tourism Forum are the most significant investment conferences in the world tourism industry. The participants in the meeting sequence are the world tourist industry leaders, travel agencies and tour operators, local or foreign investors, investment groups and banks, investment consultants, legislators, senior managers, public authorities, travel strategists and travel technologists-people who shape the most significant number of groups, who establish and identify the future of travel.
Global Tourism Forum’s annual meetings allow top tourism professionals to understand changing trends across the travel sector, geography, and functional aspects, and facilitate the internationalization of industries and the recruitment of foreign direct investment through seminars, forums, workshops, networking, and micro-events.
A minimum of 2,500 delegates from around the world attends as keynote speakers, C-level executives, influencers, academics, and politicians.

What is a Regional Meeting?
Regional meetings are intended to promote tourism in the host nation. Regional Meeting events are required for local councils, regional tourism organizations, tourism professionals, businesses and government officials who want to contribute to the host country’s future regional tourism. Regional meetings provide the delegates with opportunities for business and professional development, networking and engagement with industry members, and a chance to hear from leading industry speakers about critical industrial questions, innovative ideas, and investment opportunities in a single region. In contrast to Global Meetings, Regional Meetings are briefer, and 1,000 delegates from around the world attend meetings.