For the second straight year, Dubai remained the top Arab destination for medical tourists, based on the Global Medical Tourism Ranking. Worldwide the Emirate ranked sixth in a ranking of 46 specific destinations, reflecting its attractiveness as one of the world’s leading tourism hubs, offering innovative health care services and progress in developing modern medical infrastructure and facilities to international health travellers.

After scoring high across the three major index metrics, Dubai remained number one in the area. It was ranked fifth in terms of quality and service services, seventh in the climate and 13th in the medical tourism industries. The Dubai Government led by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is speeding up its efforts to improve its medical tourism industry as one of the core pillars of its economic diversification and growth policies.

There have been significant investments to develop new hospitals with cutting-edge technology in Dubai, drawing foreign doctors from diverse disciplines. In the first half of 2020, DHA granted 3,397 licenses to the health centers in Dubai, with the launch of 45 new medical centres, hospitals and 10 medical general and specialist clinics. Moreover Dubai has 20 TCAM (Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine) Approved Centres. Currently, these centers provide 8 TCAM facilities and recruit 234 practitioners. There are also at least 20 specialized treatment facilities staffed by qualified health practitioners.

With its state-of-the-art services and a firm dedication to developing overseas patients and visitors’ experiences, the Emirate saw a 4% rise in its arrivals in health tourism in 2019 to 350,118 compared to 2018. The majority were Asians at 34%, led by 28% of medical travelers from the Arab and Gulf nations, 17% from Europe, 10% from Africa and 10% from the Americas and others.

This achievement is the outcome of Dubai ‘s response to the wise leadership directives to reform the regulatory mechanism within its medical system and create a world class healthcare infrastructure and capacities that address the needs of healthy and happy communities in the region. Dubai is a place where health and wellness visitors from all over the world will benefit from healthy, effective and creative facilities that will contribute to improving their health and, ultimately, their quality of life.

Dubai also delivers its outstanding health facilities in the aftermath of COVID-19. Dubai is one of the best destinations for medical visitors from all over the world , due to its commitment to protect the welfare of all patients, medical professionals and members of the local population.