Europe’s backlog of hotel construction rose 9 percent by projects and 13 percent by rooms at the end of the quarter with 1.851 projects and 295.038 rooms at the end of the second quarter of 2020. The scheme for the second quarter and room numbers increased marginally from the last quarter.

Construction programs have hit an all-time high of 923 projects/149,637 spaces. In the next 12 months, projects are expected to start constructing at 477 projects/75,818 spaces. Early development ventures have 451 ventures / 69,583 rooms; up 16% and 26% respectively, YOY. Europe opened only 35 new hotels in the first quarter of 2020, with 5,998 seats. This is the lowest number of lodging projects in the area since 2012, a product of the pandemic that has arisen from stopped construction projects in the region.

With a record, the UK tops the pipeline with 350 projects/52,398 spaces, followed by Germany with 323 projects/58,533 spaces. With 172 projects/21,405 rooms, France follows. The second one is Portugal, with 123 projects/14,329 rooms at an all-time height, followed by Poland with 91 projects/14,257 rooms.

Europe’s main pipelines are London with 94 projects/16,542 rooms, Düsseldorf with 57 projects/11,254 rooms, and Paris with 40 projects/6,350 rooms. Next to Libson, there are 38 ventures with a record high room number of 4173. Hamburg follows it with 35 projects/7,496 rooms at a paper.

Four multinational franchise firms manage 44% of all ventures in Europe’s backlog. Accor Hotels runs Europe’s franchise companies with the most significant portfolio of 236 projects/32,092 spaces. Accor has 217 experiences and 36,108 suites, led by Marriott International. Hilton Worldwide is second, with a record of 207 projects/32,696 seats, then with 151 projects/24,276 seats, InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG).

Accor Hotel’s Ibis marks with 106 projects / 13,510 rooms, followed by Mercure and Novotel Hotels with 26 projects/3,075 rooms and 25 projects/3,890 respectively, are the leading brands for these four businesses. Top brands are Moxy’s 72 project/12,876 rooms, Courtyard by Marriott’s 27 project/4,739 rooms, and the Autograph Collection’s 22 project/2,873 rooms. At its all-time peak, 79 projects/12,575 rooms were led by Hampton Worldwide, Hilton Garden Inn with 45 projects/7,545 rooms, and Hilton DoubleTree with an all-times high 30 projects with 3,802 rooms. Hilton Worldwide has 47 projects/7,545 rooms. Holiday Inn Express with 65 projects/9,840 rooms, Holiday Inn with 28 projects/6,698 rooms, and Hotel Indigo with 17 projects/1,793 rooms are the best brands of IHG.

Much like elsewhere globally, the hotel building pipeline in Europe has minor gaps in forecasting schedules of about two to four months.