Bulut Bağcı is a forward-looking, committed businessman. As a businessman, he is skilled in identifying market shortcomings and fills the holes with useful strategies.

He was born in 1985. He received an honorary degree from one of the most prominent universities in Turkey, Boğaziçi University, in Istanbul in 2009. He was trained at the Harvard Business School for a brief time. He earned management trainees in the Kempinski, Hilton, and Marriott Hotel Companies after finishing his degree. He has over ten years of operating experience with several NGOs in the regional and foreign contexts and more than ten years of tourism industry involvement.

As a seasoned tourism consultant, he saw the lack of an international tourism conference where industry leaders meet to discuss the future of the tourism industry. Accordingly, in 2010 he began the World Tourism Forum Institute as the institution’s creator and chairman. While still new, the World Tourism Forum Institute was granted a tremendous opportunity and became recognized as the multinational tourism business Davos. He has had good ties with international affairs and tourism members since 2010.

As Bulut Bağcı introduced funding, communications, and human resources strategies, he agreed, “World isn’t enough” for the World Tourism Forum Institute and activities in the host countries! He then decided to modify the name of the organization of the event into the Global Tourism Forum to represent its more balanced position on the global tourism market.

Global Tourism Forum, sponsored by national governments of numerous countries around the world, will be held several times a year and will bring together world politicians, tourism leaders, and representatives of the tourism industry. Every Global Tourism Forum meeting would have an enormous effect and set the tourism industry’s developments as before.

Bulut Bağcı was president of the World Tourism Forum Institute at foreign tourism conferences such as the World Tourism Forum 2015, the Mediterranean Summit 2015, the 2016 Global Meeting, the Mediterranean Meeting 2016, Russia Summit 2017, the 2017 World Conference, Africa Summit 2017, and Angola 2019. He is also the founder and host of programs such as Tourism 20, Tourism CEO Group, E-Gen Influencers Festival, and World Tourism Awards. The Global Tourism Forum will feature activities by his organization beginning in 2020. Various organizations will take part in the banner of the Global Tourism Forum.

While a member of many non-executive committees, he is also welcomed to numerous foreign meetings, seminars, and lectures on potential ambitions and approaches related to international tourism as a guest speaker.