H.E. Hugues Judicael Mbadinga Madiya – Minister for Promotion and Investment of Republic of Gabon
Gabon is the most attractive destination in the region, and we are open for FDI

Minister address special thanks to Global Tourism Forum and particularly to his dear friend Mr Bulut Bağcı.

Tourism Sector has been influenced deeply by Pandemic crisis.

We understood the importance of tourism in the post Covid-19 and reviving investments in the tourism sector is a key matter for economy of Gabon. Gabon Government is totally engaged in this challenge. Gabon is one of the richest countries in terms of biodiversity.
A territory of 266.667 sq KM that represents 8 times the territory of Belgium.

We have a maritime coast of around 800 KM where you can find huge population of turtles and dolphins. Gabon is considered as the last hidden paradise where you can see more than 198 species of animals. We have a sanctuary of Elephants with a population of more than 45.000.

Considering that huge natural capital and resources, our aim is to attract direct investments to develop ecotourism in Gabon. Gabon has created 13 national parks, covering 11% of country’s surface area. Gabon also has 9 marine parks and 11 aquatic reserves.

All these natural and well-conservated species are available for the investors. Our country adapted a dedicated tourism investment law to favor direct investments and concessions of investment convention.

Several major projects are taking place in Gabon now. One of them is the Project Bellevue; an innovative investment model based on traditional economic activities with eco-constructions and ecotourism. Bellevue Project has a dedicated space of 40 ha. area from the Gabon coasts; with a business area, convention center, and hotels. Gabon Bellevue Project is ready to welcome investors.

I would like to invite all of you to my country the more conservated country of Africa and most dedicated to new tourism experiences for those who love nature in its original statutes.

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