Global Marketing Strategies

If you are going to expand tourism for your destination, you have to think big. There are only so many possible tourists within your immediate area, so to increase your number of visitors you have to know how to market globally.

However, that’s a huge challenge that requires the right kind of network and expertise. If you are looking to promote your country internationally, it helps to have the right partner who can help you attract tourists from all over the world.

Promote Your Country

If you’ve worked in tourism for a long time, you know how much the landscape has changed in recent years. That’s why you need a marketing representative who can navigate these changes with you. WTF combines knowledge and experience to help you use innovative tourism marketing to attract tourists from all over the globe.

Digital Tourism
People turn to the internet and technology as they schedule vacations. Similarly, technical creativity has to focus if you want to be successful and far-reaching while developing your marketing campaign. With the World Wide Web, WTFI will help you promote your destination and introduce the world to you.

Compelling Content
Each destination needs to tell a story. This is what brings visitors who want to live and share their history. People like to feel exciting and tell their mates about it elsewhere. This is why you have the perfect photo and tell the right tale for your destination.

Every day WTFI collaborates with writers, authors, and influencers to tell stories and generate entertaining and informative content regarding our collaboration destinations. Through the vision of WTFI, the tale of your destination will meet the right audience and be recorded by significant storytellers.

For many years, the World Tourism Forum Institute has developed an international network of tourism collaborations. We have the ties to help you build your strategic alliances and move outside traditional associations to pair you with possible stakeholders from several different business groups to create a more significant effect and more extended longevity.

Connect with the World
The World Tourism Forum Institute aims to link foreign customers to travel companies worldwide to facilitate the business objectives of your destination. WTFI lets you strategize and accomplish your targets, regardless of whether you choose to improve sales, build up your business, improve your market share, or more.

You know your destination has a lot to give to travelers, whether you’re promoting a region, state, or world. The WTFI will allow you to promote yourself globally and bind you to more potential visitors through strategic alliances, compelling content, and digital creativity.

Key Elements

Creating an inspiring and attractive brand is a mayor step for every successful campaign.

Website Development
Today’s consumers researching and planning their trips mostly on online. Having an engaging, well-designed promotional website is crucial for every destination.

Travel Trade Marketing
Relationships with the core groups of travel industry is always important to attract tourists. WTFI maintain these relationships with major tour operators and travel agents to keep them as key elements for success of the destination.

Social Media and Digital Marketing
Today’s travelers discover attractive destinations mostly on social media. Right social media and digital campaign management is vital to engage new consumers.

Media & Public Relations
With digital revolution on media news start to travel with speed of light all around the world. To create strong public image is more important than ever before especially for the promising destinations.

Integrated Marketing
WTFI’s integrated Marketing Program offers a comprehensive marketing solution for destinations. It ensures that all messaging and communication strategies are unified across all channels and strategically focused on attracting travellers.