Worldwide, travel is severely restricted due to the Corona and associated with quarantine and mandatory testing. More and more holiday regions are also classified by Germany as a risk area due to increasing numbers. The Federal foreign Office is currently not issuing a travel warning for very few regions in Europe:

The most popular holiday island “Mallorca”, like the other Balearic Islands and some mainland regions in Spain, is no longer considered a risk area. Therefore, the travel warning and also the quarantine requirement for Mallorca has been lifted. 

After the high demand for Mallorca holidays, the federal cabinet decided on March 26thto introduce a general test obligation for air passengers. 

Returning travelers only have to show a negative test before departure. There is no quarantine requirement for them. 

When Mallorca was removed from the list of corona risk areas, the number of holiday bookings skyrocketed and the discussion about a possible ban on holiday abroad began.

“It could not be that you are not in a position to prevent people from flying to Mallorca, but a 15-kilometer radius of movement can be enforced in Flensburg”,Merkel said during her deliberations with the Prime Minister. The responsible departments were asked to examine the legal possibilities.

In view of the discussion about holidays in Mallorca, the federal government had considered temporarily prohibiting trips to popular holiday areas abroad. By the way: In Belgium and Great Britain there are travel bans for tourist purposes.

An inspection order issued by Chancellor Angela Merkel to possibly prevent tourist travel is currently formally concluded. A legal regulation that goes beyond the applicable provisions is not planned at this point in time.