WTFI will provide specialist guidance on almost all restaurant and hotel activities, spanning from detailed market reviews and due diligence procedural to standard operating procedures ( SOPs), risk prevention systems, HR evaluations, and organizational planning to the production and execution of models.


There is plenty to consider and plan throughout this crucial time before the new hotel is released. We will assist you in the pre- opening preparations and project management as part of our hotel management services.

We will take care of all the challenges, build operations, and plan for your new hotel. The WTFI team has considerable expertise in this area, which makes hotel ventures a huge success. Our best practices and strategy allow us to transform your property into a market leader and reveal its latent revenue value that drives top sales and bottom earnings.


Let us make your property independent!

Transition to a more lucrative independent property from a hotel chain. During this conversion phase, adopt an established but customized vital routine and achieve optimum results.


We offer professional advice in designing strategies to compete in challenging market conditions effectively through our vast business expertise.

We provide consultancy services in feasibility, valuation, purchasing and sales, hotel operations choices, and negotiation management in all investment and management processes.

World Tourism Forum Institute works to promote foreign direct investments and to facilitate them to increase the image of the host country, which promotes development and competitiveness as an attractive destination for foreign capital.

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