It has become clear that the current world haphazard of individual border controls and entry conditions would not allow us to see a severe international travel resumption.

Besides, universal COVID-19 monitoring and traceability must be carried out to guarantee the global restoration of pre-pandemic volume; however, passengers need to be easily screened (and ultimately vaccinated) on demand.

Join CommonPass, a modern digital health passport that allows traveling citizens to record and retain safe records on COVID-19 test results and certified health. The opportunity to check travelers’ test results from a qualified laboratory may be necessary for opening foreign borders more generally. 

The Joint Initiative, a Swiss non-profit initiative, has recently launched international trials of the CommonPass System. Individual countries also can adjust and enforce their entry criteria in real-time as the pandemic progresses.

Here’s how it works:

Travelers can take their COVID-19 check-in to a licensed laboratory and then upload the data to their cell devices. They will also complete any extra health check-ups needed by the country of destination.

  • The CommonPass system assesses whether the applicant’s lab examination findings come from a reputable source and meet their target country’s existing health and entry criteria.
  • When all checks out, the CommonPass creates a unique QR code that airline officers and border officials may search and show the COVID traveler’s health status without sharing any additional details.
  • Specific national reactions to this global problem would not be adequate. Prohibitions, bubbles, and quarantines offer short-term security, but developed and emerging countries, including CommonPass, will require a long-term, versatile, and risk-based solution.

In the lack of COVID-19 monitoring and, finally, vaccination records around foreign boundaries, individual nations are forced to enforce total travel restrictions and obligatory quarantines as long as the pandemic continues. With trusted personal health records, countries may apply more complex entry criteria for health screening.

Cathay Pacific performs the first flight trial between Hong Kong International Airport and Changi International Airport using the Hong Kong-based Prenetics laboratory’s rapid research technology.

United Airlines would be the first American airline to pilot the platform on flights between London’s Heathrow Airport and Newark’s Liberty International Airport with volunteers. The roll-out of CommonPass is set to gradually spread to other airlines and other routes in America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East after these tests in October.

Presently, there is no standard format or certification system for travelers’ reported COVID-19 test results. They often come from labs that would be unknown (and untrusted) outside of their own country, and evidence of products is provided through photos/screenshots of a printed page or on actual paper. Documentation is also often written in languages that are foreign to the officers inspecting them at the destination.