World Tourism Forum Institute President Meets Madagascar’s President in Dubai

In a bid to explore Madagascar’s untapped tourism potential and foster international collaboration, Mr. Bulut Bagci, President of the World Tourism Forum Institute, recently convened with President Andry Rajoelina of Madagascar. The meeting, held in Dubai, delved into various aspects, ranging from Madagascar’s tourism prospects to investment opportunities and the proposal to host a global tourism event in Antananarivo.

Unlocking Madagascar’s Tourism Potential

One of the central themes of the discussion revolved around Madagascar’s rich and diverse tourism offerings. From its breathtaking landscapes and unique biodiversity to its vibrant cultural heritage, Madagascar stands poised as an emerging tourism destination with immense untapped potential. Mr. Bagci and President Rajoelina explored strategies to leverage these natural and cultural assets to attract a broader spectrum of international travelers and boost the country’s tourism sector.

Exploring Investment Opportunities

Recognizing the pivotal role of investment in realizing Madagascar’s tourism ambitions, the meeting also delved into various investment opportunities within the sector. Discussions centered on fostering public-private partnerships, attracting foreign investment, and implementing sustainable tourism practices that benefit both local communities and investors. By fostering a conducive investment climate, the aim is to catalyze the development of tourism infrastructure and services, thereby enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Driving Sustainable Tourism Development

Throughout the meeting, the shared commitment to sustainable tourism development remained paramount. Both Mr. Bagci and President Rajoelina emphasized the importance of preserving Madagascar’s natural and cultural heritage while simultaneously promoting responsible tourism practices. By prioritizing sustainability, the goal is to ensure that tourism growth is both environmentally friendly and socially inclusive, benefiting local communities and safeguarding the country’s pristine ecosystems for future generations.

The meeting between Mr. Bulut Bagci and President Andry Rajoelina signifies a promising step towards enhancing cooperation and collaboration in the realm of tourism. By harnessing Madagascar’s tourism potential, exploring investment opportunities, and considering the prospect of hosting a global tourism event, the aim is to propel the country’s tourism sector to new heights while fostering sustainable development and inclusive growth.





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