It is vital to improving awareness and influence behavior to optimize the traffic to your destination or hotel through public relations and media attention. WTFI is increasing traditional hospitality markets and community collaborations to raise awareness for advertising goods, and customer experiences across its strong media influence attention on a global and domestic scale. We give bold, customized notifications to our massive media connections to render influencers into supporters.

Our policies vary from personalized press releases to FAM trips to crisis management to success with customer relations to create a strategic plan to support the destination’s goals.


WTFI will help a range of related resources to particular publication expectations in addition to providing extensive, personalized promotional campaigns. Suppose a tourism stakeholder seeks to establish media coverage about a single event, increase the profile of a national or foreign business PR contact or reach for travelers in a specific feeder area. In that case, the versatility and sophistication of WTFI are built to produce tailored programming to match the stakeholder’s requirements and objectives.

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