Recovery and Beyond is a hybrid event by Global Tourism Forum

No doubt, the best way to hold meetings is digital. Digital events won’t move anywhere in a predictable future. Many event owners have seen that this mass exercise in the virtual industry is a cheaper and more effective method for generating meetings.

This mass experiment in virtual events has, however, also told us that specific live event formats are badly necessary for us. Virtual failed miserably at their substitution—advertising exhibitions, conventions, rewards, scholarly gatherings, and organizations.

Zoom burnout is accurate, and evidence suggests that all digital experiences are not as successful as live connections. The least scientist may also verify this mechanism by viewing children who engage at school vs. children who connect in a virtual universe.

These multiple lessons tell us that 2021 would be the trend for immersive activities that combine live and interactive audiences. We will probably see total activities with few with no online parts at the end of next year (and only if they just had to do without one). The hybrid dynamic allows us to produce live events in areas with few in-person limitations or community spread and includes an initially larger virtual audience. As the limits are lifted for in-person attendees, we can expect the balance to shift towards life.

That is very exciting for the Global Tourism Forum to come back on the stage with Recovery and Beyond in November 2020. Recovery and Beyond is a hybrid event uniting the travel industry into a 1-day e-conference full of online sessions from all over the world and the industry. Our goal is to help the sector recover all the missed opportunities due to conference cancellations, unite the travel industry, and prepare together for the day after COVID-19.