The survey found that among Gen Z, the top reasons for choosing a travel destination are value for money (47%), availability of cheap flights (45%) and safety and security (42%).

Travelers in Generation Z believe tourism is beneficial to local communities, but they also know the personal benefits of tourism, such as learning about other cultures and building life and trust.

The understanding of Gen Z travelers and their interests and motivations is critical to assessing how tourism demand may grow in the coming years and how tourism around the world may impact.

1. The Experience
In Gen Z, travel is not only about the destination but also the experience. Any old beach resort, lay on sand and have fruity drinks and then go home can be an experience for older generations.

The members of Gen Z want to take a mixology class and learn to cocktail. Sports, spa treatments, tennis workshops and live music will be offered in the destination they visit. They want to escape from the hotel and thoroughly explore the place.

2. Sustainability
Gen Z takes care of the world. All their lives, they saw global warming and environmental friendliness warnings. Gen Z thus incorporates its sustainability focus into its journey habits. They are interested in environmentally friendly tours, sustainable hotel practices and positive things in the culture of the destination.

3. Uniqueness
You should know that social media is one of the key mediums for Gen Z would to make its decisions. Not like any other generation, they are interested in influencers, who have an immense impact. There is no better marketing for Gen Z than an attractive photo on Instagram.

4. Traveling Often
Gen Z is the most willing generation when it comes to business travel, and they’re taking to the new “bleisure” trend with enthusiasm. If you’ve been in the dark, “bleisure” travel is often a business trip that’s extended so that the travel can enjoy some leisure time in a destination as well.

Generation Z jumps at the chance to go on a trip for work. Some even indicate that they would switch jobs for a career that would allow them to travel for work even more.

5. Technological Conveniences
Gen Z’s affinity for technology definitely makes it easy for them to adapt to new and upcoming travel tech. Gen Z is all about bookings via chat, virtual tours of destinations ahead of booking and other tech-savvy ways to make travel more convenient and easy.

COVID-19 and Generation Z
Today Gen Zers are facing a disruption to their education, careers and future job prospects, while fearing for their health (already a major issue for this generation) and the health of their loved ones. The study presents some preliminary insights on the impact of COVID-19 on Gen Zers attitudes towards restriction measures to curb the spread of the virus, travel and freedom and suggests that the uncovered travel patterns and attitudes will likely continue post-coronavirus.

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