The Warm Heart of Africa: Malawi

Malawi is a beautiful country, known as the ‘Warm Heart of Africa,’ is a great tourist destination. Incredible landscape and animals, gorgeous beaches on Lake Malawi, and probably the friendliest welcome you’ll find any place in Africa.

Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Malawi’s tourist sector had undergone a period of expansion, with the addition of new luxury hotels and resorts, the establishment of new and expanding game reserves, and the expansion of a network of high-quality road infrastructure.

Malawi is home to The Big Five (elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo, and hippo), as well as nine national parks and wildlife reserves, including the famous Chobe National Park. It seems that whenever or wherever Malawi is described, it is almost always accompanied by the subtitle “The Warm Heart of Africa.” Aside from the natural beauty of the country’s lakes and environment, Malawi is also safe and hospitable, with some of the world’s friendliest people to be found in its population. Malawi provides visitors with a rich, authentic cultural experience that allows them to get a sense of the real Africa while also providing money for thousands of Malawian households.

Tourism for development

Malawi’s tourism industry provides a chance to contribute to the long-term growth of the local economy.

It brings in much-needed foreign cash, creates local jobs, and assures the long-term protection of Malawi’s National Parks and delicate ecosystems like as Lake Malawi.

The World Tourism Forum Institute’s connections with Malawian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) provide a critical lifeline for these local organizations, allowing them to gain access to skills that will enable capacity building, external funding, connections to international organizations, and the support they need to continue the work they are doing.

It is possible for local communities to become a part of the tourist business through programs such as eco-tourism. The sustainability of projects such as homestays, village visits, school connections, and cultural exchange programs, on the other hand, is dependent on continuous visitor numbers as well as the cooperation of local Malawian operators who are working together to promote ecotourism in Malawi.

Malawi’s economy, which is a small landlocked nation, is restricted by a trade imbalance, which means that it imports more than it exports. There is no amount of help that will be able to fix this situation, but boosting income from sustainable tourism can make a significant contribution. As a result, the World Tourism Forum Institute, is actively marketing Malawi as a world-class tourist destination, and we want all visitors to encourage their friends and family to visit Malawi as soon as possible.

Leaders’ Summit Malawi 2022

WTFI is busy working on a number of projects for the country to undertake before and after the Leaders’ Summit Malawi 2022 and start promoting Malawi locally and internationally.

On job creation WTFI assures Malawi that the Leaders’ Summit 2022 will make a significant contribution.

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