Tourism 20

The Tourism 20 is highly important for the ministers of tourism from different countries, in sharing their views and plans with regard to the development of the world tourism. 40 Ministers are hosted from different countries to deliver the host country's "Tourism Declaration".

Tourism 20

Global Tourism Forum’s Tourism 20 plays a greater role in boosting world tourism growth, improving global tourism governance and increasing people’s welfare in the tourism industry with other distinguished World Tourism Leaders.

The Tourism-20 Summit is a major forum for global tourism that brings together the world’s major Tourism Ministers in a round table set up. The theme of the Tourism 20 is building an innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive strategies for world tourism.

Tourism-20 belongs to each and every one of its participants. In preparing for the Tourism-20, we consistently follow an open, transparent and inclusive approach, and strengthen communication and coordination with all other participants to jointly uphold, strengthen and develop tourism around the world.

The leaders discusses to strengthen their policy to address the global tourism growth, solve the problems of uneven development, encourage the developing tourism in different nations to integrate into the global tourism governance, tap the potential of all countries, and boost cooperation in tourism investments.

As Global Tourism Forum, we have been working in order to develop tourism industry all around the world since 2010. With Tourism-20, we plan to add a successful organization to our list of high-level events. Tourism Ministers’ valuable presence both helps us to serve world tourism in a more detailed way and provides the industry various strategies to ensure sustainable tourism.