Tourism CEO Club

Tourism CEO Club is not only a networking opportunity but also provides its members with new tools and methods to grow your business and effectiveness as a leader.

Tourism CEO Club

Tourism CEO Club event is an open discussion between tourism leaders, executives and officials.  Its purpose is to bring global issues – specifically, disruption – into a regional context, helping executives and leaders look at the possible impact of such issues and consider the best ways to take their organizations forward, while taking advantage of the coming transformations. The Tourism CEO Club’s format will comprise an off-record event allowing delegates to discuss and exchange ideas freely.

The Tourism CEO Club is a major organization for global tourism that brings together the world’s major Tourism CEOs in a business lunch set up. The theme of the Istanbul Tourism CEO Club is building an innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive strategies for world tourism.

The primary purpose of Tourism CEO Club is to inspire business leaders within an atmosphere of friendship and unconventional thinking. To that end, we create a nurturing and inspiring environment for CEO, who are dedicated to improving the quality of their enterprise through the power of shared experience and personal growth.

The club serves as an information source and resource for established and growing businesses. It offers not only an outstanding opportunity for business leaders and CEOs to meet similar-minded peers, but also to exchange ideas while learning and meeting new colleagues. We operate on the premise that CEOs sharing ideas, is a powerful remedy to overcome problems, challenges and economic turmoil.