Situated right at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, this unique country offers many exciting attractions that you will not find anywhere else. We offer you the top reasons why you should spend your vacation this year in Armenia:

  • To Admire Mount Ararat

It is worth going to Armenia already because here you can admire the majestic Mount Ararat in all its glory. Mount Ararat is a symbol of the motherland for all Armenians, and, despite the fact that it is now not on the territory of Armenia, it is from here that the most breathtaking and unforgettable view of this sacred mountain opens. According to the Bible, Noah’s ark rested on this mountain after the worldwide flood.

  • Get in touch with the oldest historical heritage

The history of Armenia stretches back 4110 years. This country is also the first state in the world to adopt Christianity as an official religion in 301. And now the unique architectural monuments of Christianity can be found everywhere! Armenian churches and monasteries do not have any magnificent and sophisticated design, like, for example, the Gothic creations, but they are so majestic that visiting them, you feel a special unique awe. It is impossible to fully understand the soul of Armenia without visiting these amazing places. Take an excursion to the monasteries of Geghard, Tatev, Noravank, Sevanavank, Haghpat, Echmiadzin Cathedral and feel Armenia from the inside in all its splendor.

  • Swim in the legendary Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world. It is located at an altitude of about 1900 meters above sea level, and when you stand on its shore, sometimes it seems that the water surface is about to touch the heavens. Due to its beauty, Sevan is called “the pearl of Armenia”, and due to its huge size, it is called “the Armenian sea”. The area around the lake is a great place to relax.

  • Take a ride on the longest cable car in the world
  • Visit Yerevan

The history of this city stretches back 2,790 years. Yerevan is beautiful both in the daytime and in the evening, but nevertheless the evening city has a special appeal.