According to estimates, the amount of visitors in Azerbaijan rose by 11.4% to 3.1 million per year in 2019.

The Tourism Authority of the State of Azerbaijan said that “In 2019 tourist flows in Azerbaijan rose by 11.4 per cent to 3.17 million citizens compared with 2018.”

The tourists coming from Europe officially rose to 224,000 people during this same time.

“Simultaneously, 224,000 visitors were visitors from Europe, 14.7 percent more than 2018,” the state tourism department cited AzerNews.

The bulk of European visitors come from the UK, with a rise from 25.3% to 36000, accompanied by Germany which, according to the statistics, increased from 19.4% to 20,000. According to estimates, tourist flow from Italy increased by 10.8% to 12,000, while France increased 15.2% to 9,000.

The main tourism attractions of the South Asians is from India, with influxes of 66.8% to sixty-five thousand visitors and a 12.9% rise from Pakistan to 46,000 people.

The number of tourists from Central Asia in Turkmenistan was according to estimates, increasing 85% to 52,000 inhabitants. According to reports, the number of tourists coming from Kazakhstan rose 26.1% to 47,000, and Uzbekistan rose 28.3% to 23,000 tourists.

Reports suggest that 46.7% of tourism numbers originated in Saudi Arabia, a Middle East country.

We are pleased with this partnership aimed at raising consciousness of how Azerbaijan provides to all forms of GCC travelers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area an growing amount of bookings to Azerbaijan. “indeed there is a great pleasure to welcome these tourists to Azerbaijan,” quoted Eturbo News, CEO of Azerbaijan Tourism Board Florian Sengstschmid, a country with so many special possibilities for memorable encounters and experiences, “he added.

The simplification of visa requirements for tourists has been a key factor in the growth of Azerbaijani tourism numbers, according to the reports. Citizens of several countries may currently receive their tourist visas at the airports of the country while others may enter online, according to reports.

In recent years, opportunities for tourism have been expanding, with tourism, among others, supposedly offered by the country. Azerbaijan is home to too 300 mud volcanoes which are used by tourists to treat skin, cardiovascular, gynecological, urological and gastro-intestinal diseases, reports say. The city of Azerbaijan, Baku, has officially been the venue for the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the UEFA Europe Football Championships of the 2020 year.

According to reports, around 2.8 million tourists in Azerbaijan from 196 countries were visiting Azerbaijan in 2018.

Reports said that this year the Tourism Board of Azerbaijan aims to open new representative offices in another region.

Sengstschmid quote the Trend News Agency as saying: “Opening representative offices in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, South Korea and Japan during the first trimester of this year.”