Liechtenstein is a small country situated on the banks of the Rhine in Central Europe, between the Swiss canton of St. Gallen and the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. The official language is German, though day-to-day affairs are conducted in two Alemannic dialects. Comprising eleven municipalities, the principality is a constitutional hereditary monarchy on a parliamentary and democratic basis.

Most people in Liechtenstein work in the services sector, closely followed by the industrial and manufacturing sector. In the services sector, it is largely Liechtenstein’s banks and trusts that have helped the country to achive a high standard of living.

In the past tourism was focused on hiking and wintersports in the country’s Alpine resorts (Malbun and Steg). Today, however, Liechtenstein offers a wide range of sporting activities and a vibrant cultural scene that attract a large number of visitors all year round.

Liechtenstein offers the visitor an amazing cultural, natural and culinary versatility in a small space. In the 160 km2 country there is something for every taste. The Principality of Liechtenstein is a true Eldorado for hiking and outdoor fans. The terrain rises from the mild Rhine valley to the rocky high mountain regions at 2,599 meters and thus offers the right offer for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Despits its small size Liechtenstein offers a wide variety of art, cultural events and activities. Part of this cultural landscape is, of course, the culture of fine dining, from traditional delicacies to international haute cuisine, visitors to the country will find a wide choice of dishes to tickle their tastebuds. The Principality of Liechtenstein has much to offer, from relaxation to culture and sport. Liechtenstein and its 11 municipalities have a number of must-see attractions. These range from beautiful landscapes to museums, restaurants, sporting events and peaceful spots to lie back and relax. 

Liechtenstein recorded a total of 98,100 tourists in 2019, ranking 186th in the world in absolute terms. That smaller countries regularly perform lower in a comparison of the absolute number of guests, is obvious. By putting the tourist numbers in relation to the population of Liechtenstein, the result is much more comparable picture: With 2.6 tourists per resident, Liechtenstein ranked 44th in the world. In Western Europe, it ranked 4th.

In 2020, the Liechtenstein accommodation establishments (hotels, holiday apartments, dormitories and camping) recorded 59,691 guest stays and 127,503 overnight stays. In the hotel industry, overnight stays are reduced by 24.3% to 113,317 nights.

With a share of 50.9% of overnight stays, Switzerland was the country of origin of the guests in the accommodation establishments. The guests from Switzerland spent 64,949 nights in Liechtenstein.