Ukraine is full of a wide variety of tourist destinations, both well established and very beautiful: from the cozy historic roads of Lviv to industrial design and spectacular views in the South of Ukraine. Ukraine is a nation full of spectacle and charm.

Emerging economies are taking bigger deals of travelers to tourism destinations and becoming increasingly popular. With seven UNESCO attractions, Ukraine has various historical, cultural, and leisure sights that provide valuable tourism opportunities.

Tourism accounts for only 1.4% of Ukrainian GDP, which reflects massive tourism and economic potential. In 2019, an average of $526 receipt was obtained from more than 14 million foreigners visiting Ukraine.

Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2019

  • International Tourist Arrivals: 14,229,600
  • International Tourism Inbound Receipts: USD 1,261,0 Million
  • Average Receipts Per Arrival: USD 526,5
  • T&T Industry GDP: USD 1,794,5 Million
  • T&T Industry Share of GDP: 1,4%
  • T&T Industry Employment: 206,200 Jobs
  • T&T Industry Share of Employment: 1,3%

In the Eurasia sub-region, Ukraine has had the fastest Travel & Tourism Index (TTCI) rise, growing by 10 to 78th worldwide. In particular, Ukraine has dramatically increased its market climate (124 to 103), stability (127 to 107), foreign transparency (78th to 55th), and overall infrastructure (79th to 73rd), as it has consolidated and regained economically.

Chornobyl Tourism

Chornobyl is a unique tourism attraction of great significance. The worst nuclear accident in the world is becoming increasingly common every year, especially after the award-winning “Chornobyl” HBO series. In 2015 only 10,000 citizens entered the exclusion zone; in 2019, the amount rose to over 75,000, half of which were foreigners.

Many international tourists visit Ukraine because Ukrainian cities have a wide variety of Soviet architecture that is particularly attractive among the elderly.

Medical Tourism

The cost-effectiveness, qualified physicians, and adequate treatment are making a significant change in medical tourism. Ukraine helps medical tourists contrast with their countries of origin to save 40%–70% of their care costs.

The cost-effectiveness, expert physicians, and high-quality facilities are bringing a difference to medical tourism. Ukraine helps medical visitors concerning their countries of origin to cut 40-70 percent of healthcare costs.

Green Tourism

Green tourism is a comparatively new tourist niche, but it has great development potential. Rural areas welcome tourists to relax, avoid the chaos of the significant populated cities, and open up the real Ukrainian town with its past, local customs, cuisine, and natural beauty.

For the growth of the socio-economic sector, rural tourism is of great significance. It improves the local production of farms, the improvement of the domestic labor market, and the growth of employment and enhances the development of local infrastructure and the selling of farm surpluses and provides farmers with additional revenues.

Industrial Tourism

Industrial tourism among tourists is becoming increasingly popular as the factory locations, mines, quarries, and steel development unorthodox charm.

Industrial tourism’s most popular destinations are:

  • Kryvyi Rih, PGZK quarry – one of the largest in the world.
  • Horishni Plavni
  • Drohobych salt mine
  • Odesa seaport