A tourist who is at least a little familiar with the history of mankind does not need to ask questions: what is so attractive about tourism in Uzbekistan and what makes it stand out among hundreds of other tourist destinations. Uzbekistan it is a pearl of Central Asia, a pearl of the East.

Of course, tourism in Uzbekistan is traditionally associated with UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. Their history goes back centuries, the ancient walls of the ramparts remember the phalanxes of Alexander the Great, the hordes of Genghis Khan and the battle formations of the warriors of Tamerlane.

The diversity of Uzbekistan’s nature – from the ski slopes of Chimgan and Beldersay to the sultry sands of the Karakum desert – will amaze the imagination of a traveler who is plunging into the wonderful world of Central Asia for the first time.

Different types of uzbek tourism.



Did you know that there are over 7,000 cultural heritage sites in Uzbekistan, many of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The historical centers of Samarkand, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz and Khiva – this and much more is evidence of the enormous potential of Uzbekistan in the arena of the world tourism market. The most ancient cities of Uzbekistan are more than 2750 years old. Samarkand is the same age as Rome and is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Samarkand is the legendary capital of Amir Temur’s empire, designed to become the most beautiful city in the world; Bukhara is the most important point on the Great Silk Road, the capital of the Persian dynasty of the Samanids, the center of an unprecedented cultural flourishing of the X-XI centuries; Khiva is the main city of the Khiva Khanate, a city-museum, where there is a record number of ancient monuments per square meter, Tashkent is an ancient center of oriental culture and spirituality. Each Uzbek city will tell you its innermost history, and its monuments, museums and sights will be more eloquent than any guides.


You will find a lot of opportunities for active tourism in Uzbekistan, full of adventure, drive and expression, because nature itself “built” its natural scenery for this. These are, first of all, majestic mountains, beckoning with romantic hikes and risky climbs. These endless deserts and steppes are an ideal springboard for a jeep safari. It’s a paradox, but today the opportunity to be in a hot desert, live in a tent and every day overcome kilometers of sand and stone on an iron horse does not scare, but rather attracts!

For active tourism in Uzbekistan there is a ski area in the foothills of Chimgan. When it snows, all fans of skiing and tobogganing from all over the country come here. The combination of mild sunny winters and clean mountain air, plenty of snow and the presence of safe gentle slopes allow you to get the most out of skiing.

We also recommend you to abolish luxury hotels and to choose exotic alternative – yurt. A yurt is a circular tent that can be easily collapsed and rebuilt, which is why they are so popular with nomads, who are constantly on the move searching for new resources and chasing the best weather. You can spend several nights out of the busy cities, while sleeping under the star sky.


Few people know that Uzbekistan is not only a great cultural heritage, blue domes of minarets, directed upward for many centuries; noisy oriental bazaars, but also incredible and delightful nature.

When traveling in Uzbekistan, you should definitely combine visiting ancient cities with small insights into the life of real mountain villages, mountain hikes or nights in the desert.

Ecotourism in Uzbekistan, as a full-fledged and independent part of the entire tourism industry, began to develop not so long ago. As you know, before, foreign citizens needed registration for each night of stay in Uzbekistan. The registration rule is still in effect, but it is now possible to register at a campsite or as an independent traveler.

A trip to the shores of the Aral Sea can be a unique experience. While traveling to the disappearing sea, you can enjoy the beauty of the pristine nature of the Ustyurt plateau. It is along this plateau that you will move along the road from Nukus to the yurt camp, located within walking distance from the water.

There, alone with the starry sky and the huge desert around, you clearly realize how important it is to protect the world in which we live. There, far from civilization and communication, walking along the salty land, which some 50 years ago was the bottom of the sea, seeing the greatness of the immense Ustyurt plateau and enjoying the beauty of Lake Sudochye, you return to yourself and comprehend your true goals.

There is a lot to say about tourism in Uzbekistan. But why talk? This country is never a bad choice for the tourist.