TourismX and Global Tourism Forum Announce Main Partnership Agreement to Drive Crypto and Blockchain Revolution for Tourism Industry

LONDON, 10.04.2023 – TourismX (TRMX), the leading blockchain-based platform for the tourism industry, is proud to announce a new main partnership with the Global Tourism Forum (GTF), a leading organization focused on promoting sustainable and responsible tourism practices and tourism investments around the world. The aim of the partnership is to drive the crypto and blockchain revolution for the tourism industry.

This partnership is an important step forward in TourismX’s efforts to transform the tourism industry through the use of blockchain technology. As part of the partnership, TourismX will collaborate with GTF to develop innovative solutions that leverage blockchain technology to address some of the most pressing challenges facing the tourism industry today.

“Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the tourism industry, making it more transparent, secure, and accessible for everyone involved,” said Partnership Bureau of umbrella brand World Tourism Forum Institute. “Through this partnership we aim to drive this revolution forward and create a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry and make it easier to reach finance and investment for all destinations with potential.”

As part of the partnership,TourismX and GTF will work together to promote the use of blockchain technology in the tourism industry and develop educational programs and training opportunities for tourism professionals. By raising awareness of the benefits of blockchain technology and providing training on how to implement blockchain-based solutions. This partnership also helps TourismX to locate its direct tourism investments such as hotels, restaurants, marinas etc… GTF hopes to accelerate the adoption of this revolutionary technology.

“We are excited for aims of this cooperation and working to drive the crypto and blockchain revolution for the tourism industry,” said WTFI’s Partnership Bureau. “Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the way we travel, and we believe that through this partnership, we can help make this transformation a reality.”

In addition to developing blockchain-based solutions and promoting the use of this revolution in the tourism industry, ToursimX will participate in GTF’s events as main sponsor and collaborate with other leading industry players to drive the adoption of blockchain technology.

Upcoming GTF Events Scheduled for 2023:

  • Year 2100 – Futurism for Tourism Summit
  • Annual Meeting 2023 – Brussels
  • Blockchain For Travel Summit 2023 – Dubai

About TourismX:

TourismX is a blockchain-based platform and decentralized investment fund for the tourism industry, designed to provide both investors and travelers with a more personalized, secure, and affordable travel and investment experience. Our solutions are built on top of the latest blockchain technology, making it possible to create a decentralized finance and transparent travel ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.


About Global Tourism Forum:

Global Tourism Forum is an initiative of London based World Tourism Forum Institute. Starting from 2020, World Tourism Forum Institute’s events will be entitled as Global Tourism Forum.

The Global Tourism Forum, or GTF for short, is an international collaboration platform focused on addressing the challenges for the travel industry. Combining the joint efforts of government agencies, industry stakeholders and academia, GTF strives to achieve sustainable development models for emerging travel markets, as well as devising strategies to ensure tourism growth.

World Tourism Forum Institute organizes several initiatives aiming to promote the hosting country internationally. As an initiative of WTFI, Global Tourism Forum organizes select activities designed to strengthen the host country’s branding abroad.

Global Tourism Forum also plays a leading role in attracting foreign direct investment to the target country, by working to identify business opportunities, promoting strategic events and lending support to foreign investors willing to allocate resources in target country.

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