Developing Eight is a construction partnership agreement between Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey.

The creation of the D-8 was formally declared by the Heads of State/Government Summit in Istanbul on 15 June 1997 (Declaration of Istanbul) after the ‘Conference on cooperation for development,’ on 22 October 1996 and after a series of preparatory meetings.

D-8 aims at improving the role of developing countries in the global economy, diversifying and providing new markets for foreign cooperation, increasing involvement in international policy-making, and maintaining a higher quality of living.

D-8 is a multinational and not a regional organization, as expressed in the makeup of the founding members. Other Developed countries will be open to membership and subscribes to the group’s goals, objectives, and values, exchanging shared bonds.

D-8 is a Mechanism without adverse consequences on Member States’ bilateral and multilateral obligations resulting from regional and foreign organizations’ participation.

Primary Organs

  • The Meeting, the Council, and the Commission are the critical organs of D-8.
  • The Summit is composed of the Heads of State / Government of Member States and is the central organ of the D-8.
  • It is held once every two years.
  • The Council consists of the Foreign Affairs Ministers of the Member States.
  • It is the strategic policy-making body of the D-8 and functions as a platform to discuss the issues objectively and comprehensively.
  • The Commission is D-8’s executive body.
  • It consists of high-ranking officials selected by their respective governments.

    Cooperation Zones

Ten sectors for collaboration and project growth were initially listed. These include trade; industry; telecoms and information; economics, banking, and privatization; rural growth; science and technology; poverty alleviation and human resources; farming; energy; climate and health. Each sector is allocated to a Member State based on the division of labor for D-8 activities.