World Tourism Forum Institute is reshaping economies through tourism development, in countries where they have an untold tourism story. We aim to reduce the negative impact of tourism by increasing the more favorable impression of sustainable development goals in tourism globally.
As the leading international tourism development and investment brand, World Tourism Forum Institute is a London, UK-based organization committed to promoting developing countries in the field of tourism development, economic growth, foreign direct investment through tourism investments, and human resource development industry.

World Tourism Forum Institute, which also has a research and academic vertical under its WTFI, has been established to generates market knowledge, promote competitive and sustainable tourism development goals (UNSDGs) and is instrumental in fostering tourism education and skills development, and strives to make tourism a useful tool for development through its global calendar of events, training, marketing, research, and HR solutions.

World Tourism Forum Institute creates a legacy for the host country, through carefully selected and tailor-made initiatives aiming to promote and support the country’s soft image internationally. These experiences are designed to strengthen the country’s branding abroad through its conference, WTFI’s masterclasses, and international media promotions.
World Tourism Forum Institute also plays a leading role in attracting foreign direct investment to the target country by identifying business opportunities, promoting strategic events, and lending support to foreign investors willing to allocate resources to the target country.

We can ultimately support the host country through our various in-house resources making the rebranding, execution of their tourism products, strategic market studies and analysis, and development of destination management, investment, and visitor management plans in various tourism sectors.