“How members assemble” (Professor Dr. Klaus Schwab)! Davos is the international World Economic Forum (WEF), which includes about 3,000 world-famous leading bankers, leaders, scientists, and entrepreneurs. The international WEF conference displays the “Heart of Davos” around the globe. Discussions about ideas, networking in the community environment along with new services, in daunting mountainous environments.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is a private organization renowned primarily for its international conference in Davos. Global leading business people, leaders, academics, and media members will gather in the new Davos Conference Centre to address the current global problems. Throughout the conference, several other sessions will be conducted during the year, and analysis papers will be written. There are also international branches in Beijing and New York.

Objectives and goal

The WEF ‘s position, established by economics professor Klaus Schwab, is often independent because it is not associated with political or national parties. The Organization has delegate status under the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The Foundation Board is the main supervisory body, which comprises Tony Blair and Queen Rania. The goal of the platform is “to change the global condition.” The WEF is neutral because no international or ethnic parties are related to it.

Davos Energy

The World Economic Forum flagship event is the annual meeting of over 3,000 participants in Davos, Switzerland, in January each year. Many other casual encounters are held in Davos – also because of the environment of its community. The much-quoted “Davos Energy” is not a presence. Notwithstanding the city’s infrastructure, nature is the headline act here at 1,560 m above sea level. This gives congress members the impression that they are a small part of a whole. This environment makes it even easier to consider alternatives and ideas previously impossible.

Plan and members

Themes of global importance, such as international trade sanctions, wars, injustice, and environmental issues and potential solutions are addressed in the overview of the official program. The annual meeting of the WEF is witnessed by hundreds of heads of state and government members. The forums were frequently attended by Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Bono, Paulo Coelho and Tony Blair, and Henry Kissinger, Nelson Mandela, and Yassir Arafat.

The Start

In 1971, Klaus Schwab, then professor of business policy at Geneva University, welcomed 444 Western European company managers to the first “European Management Symposium,” which was conducted at the Davos Congress Center. Under the influence of the European Commission, Professor Schwab was to make European firms in the United States recognized for their management activities.

Politics Opening

The European Business Forum modified its name to the 1987 World Economic Forum to expand its scope to become a forum for addressing world disputes. Until then, Davos has been seen by politicians as a democratic forum. In 1988 both nations signed the “Davos Declaration,” which stopped the conflict between Greece and Turkey at the last minute. The 1992 meeting marked the first occasion that Frederik Willem de Klerk, Nelson Mandela, and Mangosuthu Buthelezi, South African Leader, toured Africa. A preliminary deal on Gaza and Jericho has been agreed by Shimon Peres, the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, and PLO leader Yassir Arafat.

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