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Bulut Bağcı, the President of the World Tourism Forum Institute, stated that the global tourism market’s value is 1.7 trillion dollars annually. The tourism industry expects a loss of 1 trillion dollars this year due to the coronavirus and that 50 million employees in the sector are losing their jobs.

Bulut Bağcı, President of the World Tourism Forum Institute, made statements about the adverse effects of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic on tourism.

Stating that the virus is spreading very rapidly because global and continuous travels are made, Bağcı explained that the latest data they received from international organizations with tourism data and their research revealed striking results.


Bağcı, noting that 70 percent of the travel industry has already been stopped, offers countries and governments not to travel unless there is an emergency.


President of the World Tourism Forum Institute, Bağcı stated that tourism is one of the sectors that will hit the most by the coronavirus, which was first seen in China and spread to all continents and almost all countries, and continued his words as follows:

“Globally, the annual tourism market’s value is 1.7 trillion dollars. We are in constant contact with international tourism investors, hotel groups, and airlines. According to our research, the economic loss in tourism so far is 600 billion dollars. We expect the figure to increase to at least 1 trillion dollars at the end of the year. The loss is terrible. With the sectors affected by tourism, the model will be 5 trillion dollars. Also, 50 million people are expected to lose their jobs.

According to the figures given by Mastercard, American Express, and Visa, Bağcı reported that the virus’ damage to the world economy from the first time it appeared until today is 28-29 trillion dollars, and this figure will increase.


Stating that severe crises await the airlines, some airline companies try to overcome the cash shortage through a public offering. Some of them have suspended the agreements they had previously announced.

Boredom will not be limited only by the airline already voicing even hit the bottom of hotels’ occupancy rate in Turkey. It has stopped new investments and told the staff of the companies working on alternatives to removal.

Stating that the fitness, SPA, bar, and similar social areas of the hotels are closed, Bağcı noted that the hotels currently only provide accommodation services.

Stating that tourism affects at least 60 sectors, Bağcı said, “This issue makes it difficult. We wish the vaccine to be found as soon as possible and to control the epidemic. However, there is no such possibility in a short time. Even if the epidemic is brought under control, recovery in tourism will not be easy.”

Stating that tourism professionals should focus on the last quarter of 2020, Bağcı added that dismissing personnel should be considered last.