The tourism sector is predicted to be the “set-point” for Greece in order to recover and resurface, according to the report from World Travel & Tourism Council, despite the major shock on the tourist market due to the global corona virus pandemic.

Gloria Guevara, President of the World Travel & Tourism Council, declared that tourism was crucial for the Greek economy in 2019 as a result of government success in extending tourism after summer months.

“We should also applaud the administration for its immediate and decisive response to the COVID-19 by controlling the virus until it enters the country. Ever since, the government has worked closely with the public and private sectors to ensure that the country’s health protocols and standards can contribute to a rapid recovery, ” She points out, while noting that ‘our report emphasizes how important the tourism sector is for the promotion of the recovery of the Greek economy, creating new roles for the job of the employees and drawing visitors into the country with a positive outcome for the entire tourism chains.”

Contribution of Tourism in Greece

The Economic Impact Report (EIR) highlights that the tourism industry created nearly 850,000 jobs in 2019, more than one out of 21.7 percent from one in five of the country’s total human capital. Its contribution to GDP amounted to EUR 39.1 billion or 20.8%, an rise of 12.1% on 2018, which exceeds overall economy trend for the third consecutive year.

The report also mentions that travel costs were €21.3 billion and represent about one third (30.1%) of all exports of the country.


The travel and tourism industry worldwide surpassed the GDP growth rate of 2.5 percent for the ninth consecutive year. It is obvious that tourism offers 330 million workers jobs in the sector, viz. One in ten workplaces.

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