İnternational Council

Richard Adam​


Richard Adam is a seasoned international C-level executive and board member in asset management and investment, focus on where visitor experience, frequency and retention is key, in particular destination-, resort-, hospitality-, leisure venue-, public realm, mega sporting events, commercial real estate development.

Jerad Bachar


Jerad Bachar has close to thirty years of tourism and economic development experience in an array of countries and business environments. He has worked in both developed and emerging markets in the areas of destination branding and marketing, economic development and diversification, and workforce development.

Guy Bigwood


Guy Bigwoody has been delivering award-winning consulting services focused on helping cities, governments, associations and the hospitality industry step up, scale up and speed up their sustainability programmes and operational practices for the last 15 years.

Bob Chambers


Bob Chambers is a 30 year veteran of the “people gathering” business, as a consultant, designer and producer of custom, high-end, permanent attractions for tourism, entertainment, theme parks, cultural/heritage, and brand visitor centers around the world.

Luca Favetta


Luca Favetta recently served as Regional Business Director EMEA at PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association), one of the world’s largest network of Business Events Strategists, where was responsible for developing PCMA Brand and Educational Services in the Region.

Valentina Ndou


Valentina Ndou, PhD is Senior Researcher and Aggregate Professor on Management Engineering Department at University of Salento (Italy). Her research specializes in analyzing the innovation management trends and the effectiveness of information systems with particular emphasis on new solutions and approaches for smart tourism, eBusiness, entrepreneurship education and knowledge management.

Angela Gerekou

President of Greek National Tourism Organization

Mrs. Gerekou holds a degree from the School of Architecture of the University of Rome. She also has a significant career in acting. She studied in Derek Jakoby’s “London Academy of Performing Art” in London, UK and she was a member of Federico Fellini’s student group in Italy.

Dr. Valasia Iakovoglou

Dr. Valasia Iakovoglou is a distinct graduate of Iowa State University (ISU), USA. Her BS is in Forest Biology, the MSc specialized in Urban Forestry and her PhD in Ecophysiology/Sylviculture with an extensive research background to restoration and conservation of ecosystems with emphasis on biodiversity as related to climate change.